Tuesday, 5 July 2011

- UITM's club activities -

 hello readers.. on this week , we are given a task to share any UITM's club or group activities. 
Thus, on this entry , we are going to share about the archery club's activity first. 

On 9 to10 October 2010, the club hold a competition of " KEJOHANAN KO MEMANAH 2010 KALI KE 7" which involved of 130 students from UITM Jengka.
This competition was organized by:


The place of this competition is at "PADANG SASAR UITM JENGKA " and 
this tournament have four categories, which is Men's KO, KO Women, Recurve and Compound.
Before the tournament begins, all of the student is given NASI LEMAK and a bottle of mineral water for their breakfast ...
From the 130 students, they are divided into several groups which consist of 8 person per group. 
Here are some groups that joined the competition.. : 

all of this group is from part 3 students.
before the competition held, the students are given the training by the expertise to make them understand about the term and condition of archery..

the picture during the training time.. 

next, we are going to share about the picture during the competition..

they are given a time to be ready, to make a shoot and also to end the  round.
 only 10 person is allowed per round which include guys and girls.

after students finished their shoot, the judges will calculate the point that they earned from their shoot.
for the yellow colour, students will get 10 @ 9 marks , followed by red colour, 8 @ 7 marks,
blue colour, 6 @ 5 marks , black colour , 4 marks and lastly , white colours with 1 marks.

this is the additional picture during the tournament..

after a few hours, 
during the prizing ceremony...

from the left, Azizul Aizat Bin Ab Azid from the Rilex Dulu's group won the MEN'S KO category,
while from the right, Shaza Bt Mohd Shah from the Stass Archery's group won the KO WOMEN category..
from the left, Kurniadi Bin Muhtar won the COMPOUND's category while from the right, the winner of the
the RECURVE category is Nurul Ashyiekin Najla Binti Amran..
Finally, after all of the winner got their prizes, the ending ceremony are being done by the campus director, PROFESSOR MADYA DATO DR.HAJI HILMI BIN AB RAHMAN..
He give a talk about half an hour and the tournament ends..

the last picture before all of the students back to their room !

this tournament give us a very wonderful memory and great experience to be keep forever..
We got a lot of new friends , and happy to know the best lecturer during the tournament..

thats all about the archery's club activity .. Thank You for reading :) 

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