Wednesday, 6 July 2011

- club activities -

hello readers!
This is our second activities that we are going to share. Last month, 6 of us went to Genting Highland for 2 days, 1 night. We stay at first world hotel. Before we go there, we have struggled to find a room to be stay because most of the hotel is fully booked. At last, we found the hotel by call the hotel counter directly.

* hotel that we stay for 2 days and 1 night.

From Jengka, we went to Kuala Lumpur by metrobus. We arrived in KL at 8 pm and stay at Fiza's house. after we have a dinner, we decided to go for watch a movie at Brem Mall, kepong. the KL Gengster movie that we purchased was started at 9.30 pm. We went home once the movie finished. 

* picture before the movie start.

Early in the morning (9am) we start our journey.

*picture of  our journey.

This picture is at Kg. Batu KTM station. We are waiting for the train about 15 minutes plus another 20 minutes to arrived at KL central. 
Once we arrived there, we decided to buy some additional food to be bring to the hotel. After that, we went to the food court, to have a breakfast. After about 30 minutes we ate, we go to the platform to take a bus to go to Genting. yahooooo !!!!

* picture at the KL central

The bus move to Genting around 11 o'clock and arrived 1 hour later. After the bus stop us at the terminal, we  bought the ticket for going back to KL(for 18 june 2011). Then, we have to ride a skyway to reach to the top of Genting Highland. it was sooooo scaryyyyyyy !

our first day.

The first thing that we've done is check-in hotel. the system is great as we just use kiosk machine to get the room key. The services also is very fast and easy. The room is quite good looking, clean and comfortable to be stay. But the toilet for the standard room is quite small. Besides, the price is also affordable. 

Since we are so excited to play the game, we start by played the spinner game. The game make us feel a little dizzy but we still enjoy it. Next, we go for the second game, which is cyclone game. This game is quite challenging but fun ! The third game that we played was totally awesome ! It's called flying coaster. For this game, we have to lay down like a spiderman ! It makes us feel that we are the real spiderwoman. woohhoooooo !

There is more other game that we play but we don't think that we can share all of it as the story will be toooo long.  For us, the most superb game was space shot. It is because the game challenged our level of fear with the very high of  position. Maybe for those who have heart attack, they will have a big problem if they still ride this game. We felt sooooo scared but excited !

the second day 

On the second day,  we also use kiosk to check-out. From the hotel and then, we take a lunch at MacDonald. For your information, the price of the fast food is very expensive compare to other MacDonald outside genting. Before we end up the journey, we go for karaoke for 1 hour at first world plaza.

Finally, we took the skyway again for going back to the terminal and we take the bus to KL central at 4.30pm. Alhamdullillah, our journey is done successfully without any problem. we also provide a video of our picture to reader to enjoy watching it.

enjoy it guys !

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