Tuesday, 28 June 2011


hello readers. today we are going to do our task 5 , which is we need to review a blog that sell the same product such our product and we need to comment about the blog .
the blog that we will give some review is

this blog is belong to beautiful lady name Ira Sulaiman. she sells various kinds of perfume for women and men. for example, HUGO BOSS, RALPH LAUREN. GIORGIO ARMANI and so on with the different of size.

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front page blog

list of perfume


weakness :  
As we know, the blog belonging to Ira Sulaiman have some disadvantages .First, each entry that placed in the blog do not have examples of images of perfume that they want to sell. This will make it difficult for buyers to know the appearance of the item. In addition, each entry in the blog also does not provide a clear description of the products that she sell. This will also make it difficult for buyers to learn more about the product as they need more information about the product..

strengths :
However, this blog also has the advantages. This blog is very good in speed and does not take long time to open it. Besides, the buyers are also easy to get in touch with the seller as many alternatives that can be used by the buyer to contact her such as by using yahoo messenger, blackberry, twitter or directly to the store because the store location map is provided. Moreover, they send the goods by courier with insurance. So buyers will not have to worry about the safety of the goods that has been ordered

as a conclusion , we suggest that the owner of the blog could provide more detail information about the product that she sell. it is better for her to gain more profit and more customer. Thank you.  

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