Thursday, 14 July 2011

discount discount !

hello readers . we are very sure that everyone love discount . here we go. we are going to give the best price to our beloved customer . hoping that all of you will enjoy it and be happy shopping with us . 

tadaaaaa !!!! 

it is about our perfume ! 
as you know , the price of our perfume is rm 10 per bottle . 
so now , we are changing the price to rm 9 per bottle and rm 17.50 per TWO bottle ! 
this is for  the "CLEARANCE STOCK DAY " that we made . the offer will be end during 21 JULY 2011. so guys, please don't waste your time thinking about the offer . just filled up the order form and enjoy the perfume right now . ! hoho . !

oh wait ! we also loved to announce that we are going to have the new stock of the perfume a week from now.the perfume are  from the same brand but different style . ! 

we hope that you guys will love to try the new perfume right after seeing it . so, wait for it people ! 


Anonymous said...

perfume ade lg tak ?

pieja said...

ade2 . banyakk stok baru..