Friday, 29 July 2011

Uitm's club activities " 2ND "


On 26th Mac 2011, we consists of 5 members, were make a small gathering. it was because of the close campus. 2 of us were transfer to UiTM Kuala Pilah and another 3 which is us, has been transfer to UiTM Jengka. due to different home living, we have to gather at one place that is been agreed by, on this gathering, we have meet at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.

From Jengka, we went to Kuala Lumpur by metrobus. before we make a ride, we have breakfast at Warung Pak Syed at Bandar Jengka. food at that stall were quite DELICIOUS !

 We arrived in Pekeliling, KL at 11 a.m.. from there we take public transport to Berjaya Times Square. we decide to meet at monorail station at Imbi. after10 min, we meet our friends and we decide to have a lunch first at KFC and hajar paid for it. THANKS HAJAR !! WE LOVE YOU !!! 

after lunch, we did shopping. at that time was annual sale at there. so many things that we buy there. for example, t shirt, shawl and so on. after shopping, we watch movie but, we don't remember the tittle of the movie.
after that, we go to Plaza Lowyat because one of our friend want to buy MP3 player. for your information, the price at there were quite AFFORDABLE

we went home at 6 p.m. by taking KTM and as usual, we take a sleep at Pija's house. at night, we have a short sharing moment. lot of story that have been share.

on the 2nd day, we have been invited by Pija's family to attend engagement ceremony at Selayang. there a lot of people that attend the ceremony. most of them were nearest family and friends. we have been served with Kelantan's food. OWH !!! THIS IS THE FIRST TIME WE ATE KELANTAN'S FOOD. the ceremony end at 3 p.m..

before we go home, we went to Brem Mall with Pija's sister for karaoke. this was been sponsored by Pija's sister. THANKS AKAK ! lots of song that we have been sang there. 

after one hour we at karaoke, we separate and back to our campus.

we hope our friendship will be remain forever !

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bezz nyer dpt g karok !