Thursday, 28 July 2011

Uitm's club activities " 2ND "


On 7th July 2011 , there are a programme which named " Program Mengenang Tokoh Negarawan Allahyarham Tun Haji Abdul Razak " that being held in our UITM .
The ceremony are being held at Dewan Serba Guna Uitm Jengka, and was officiated by our Prime Minister, YAB DATO' SRI MOHD NAJIB BIN TUN HAJI ABDUL RAZAK  . 

Besides students from Uitm , there are also another visitor that came for the program . For examples, the peoples who live around Bandar Jengka , PLKN students and teachers , students from primary school near Jengka ,and many others . 

The first activity during the ceremony is that a speech that are been given by 
He is the " Menteri Penerangan , Komunikasi dan Kebudayaan Malaysia " . 
The speech take about half and hour . 

After finished the speech , there are a some entertainment provided for those who came on that day .

The second speech is given by our Prime Minister, 
YAB DATO' SRI MOHD NAJIB . He give a talk about the programme , which related to 
his late father , Allahyarham Tun Haji Abdul Razak . For your information, 
Allahyarham was the 2nd Prime Minister of Malaysia and also known as " Bapa Pembangunan " . 
He also crying while giving the speech as he suddenly remind many things about his late father . 

This picture showed the condition during the ceremony . There are too many peoples until the seat provided are not enough to be sit by them . The staff also have to stand up behind there as they want to listen to the speech . 

The picture of us , inside the DSG , during the ceremony . 

This is the booklet that are being provided by UITM to who ever come to the programme . 
This booklet include of all the information about the programme . 

After finished all the speech , it is the time for our Prime Minister to leave the ceremony . 
We can see through the picture that a lot of peoples willing to wait with patiently in order to meet DATO' SRI MOHD NAJIB . 

Lastly , this is the picture of the person that be the main purpose of the programme being held . 
He is Allahyarham Tun Haji Abdul Razak . Allahyarham had give a lot of contributions and sacrifies to our beloved country , Malaysia . Without him , our country will not be as good as now .  So , we should always remember him in our mind .......

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